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Each gallery contains fairly large Thumbnails  that are a quick and easy reference . Navigate by scrolling down the full gallery. Hovering your cursor over the image will reveal the image name and caption. Clicking on the thumbnail will open it as a large sized lightbox image.


Each gallery contains large sized lightbox images that are navigated by the arrows on left and right of the screen. The image name and caption can be seen by hovering the cursor over the image, or the bottom left hand corner of the screen. To exit slideshow mode, click on the X at the top right of screen, or press escape.


To view the images as their largest fill screen size, click on the Slideshow tab at the top right of the gallery in thumbnail mode. Each image will fill the full screen, and will automatically navigate to the next image.To exit slideshow mode, click on the X at the top right of screen, or press escape.


Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people are warned that this web site may contain images of deceased people

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All photographs on this website are © Lorrie Graham or © the Australian Government and the relevant Departments and Agencies.  No parties visiting this website may copy, modify, publish, transmit, or distribute the contents of these photographs found herein. Express written permission must be granted on behalf of Lorrie Graham (copyright holder) or any other parties indicated, in order to use the photographs found within this website for any purpose.

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POLITICS : Paul Keating, Prime Minister 1993
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